Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

SE Photography have been photographing Babies and Bumps for over 10 years. we offer Vintage and Natural Newborn shoots using a variety of props from our extensive collection. Including vintage hats, baskets, suitcase, throws, backdrops and much more.
If vintage isn’t your style we can offer soft natural or pastel colored set ups. There are many options we can help you with. Such as Harry Potter, Angels, Wheres Wally?, Pilot, Elephants, Super Heros, The list goes on. We also encourage to make unique set ups that’s relative to you I.E around your job or hobby, ie skiing, singing, toast master, racing car driver etc. So many options.

We are happy to include your own items that are special or unique to you and your baby.

it is ideally best to shoot your baby in the first week so that baby is more tired and before milk spots develop. We can shoot them up to approximately 2 weeks. For safety Babies must be asleep for most poses.

We recommend that you contact us before baby is born with your due date, we will then allocate out 1 full day a week in our diary until baby arrives. Normally Newborn shoots take place on Thursday and Fridays. Spaces are limited.

Shoots can take approx three hours so we ask for you to make yourself at home, we provide drinks and cakes, Also a private area to care for or feed your baby.