Sam & Mark’s Wedding at Gaynes Park Epping

Sam & Mark’s wedding was one i was looking forward too on my wedding anniversary on 30th April.  We had a great engagement shoot with this couple and i felt a strong romantic feel with them.

I was not wrong! On the day they would whisper in each others ears and the chemistry between them really showed in the photographs making them unique.

Initially Mark was not wanting too many photographs but soon he was really getting into it and requesting fun photos including champagne and giving Sam a piggy back.

There is a strong Romantic and Elegant feel to their wedding but also a really fun side too.  I really felt their wedding was a Hugh success with lots of inspiration.

Gaynes park did not let us down with great service stunning grounds for photos!   You can even see canary wharf from the bench out back.

We took the couple out at sunset and took one of my favorite images with a camera flare that was natural and artistic.

Sam was very close to her dad and really wanted a photo of her dad putting in her veil and you could see how close these 2 were.

Sam had natural beauty and they both were a pleasure to work with.

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